Ventilation air purification in ABHU (Fig. 1) is based on natural processes:

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the first one consists of the fact that most of the harmful volatile organic compounds are highly soluble in industrial water;

the second principle It is based on the ability of specially selected and adapted microorganisms to use organic and some inorganic substances dissolved in water as food sources. In the process of consumption by microorganisms of these compounds, their complete mineralization occurs with the formation of water and carbon dioxide.
In a scrubber with a movable ball nozzle, harmful substances are captured using an aqueous absorbent, and in a bioreactor, they are neutralized. Microorganisms are introduced into the bioreactor once before the start of operation of the plant in the form of concentrated biomass. Circulation of the solution in a closed circle "scrubber-bioreactor" prevents the formation of industrial runoff. ABCI are equipped with a device for removing sludge and condensation substances.

Fig. 3. General view of the ABCI with a vent air capacity of 30,000 m3/h.
1-fan; 2-scrubber; 3-sludge collector; 4-bioreactor; 5-drop catcher; A and B-vent air inlet and outlet.

The plants are equipped with an automated process control system (APCS) for gas cleaning, which allows you to automate the operation of the ABCI. Information about the process parameters is archived and displayed on the monitor of the automated control system (Fig. 2) and is available for remote monitoring in online mode.

Fig. 2. Information panel of operational parameters of ABCI