Scope of ABCI

The absorption-biochemical installation is recommended for application at various industries for technological processes accompanied by toxic gas emission into the environment:


  • molding and core manufacturing
  •  die casting, mould cooling and knock-out
  •  steel-teeming ladle drying
  •  metal cutting drying
  • ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling

Woodworking industry

Petrochemical industry

  •  paints and varnishes production
  •  special yarns and fabrics production
  •  polyethylene and polypropylene film production

ABCI arrangement

The operation principle and composition of the absorption-biochemicalinstallation is depicted in the Fig.1.

1 – fan; 2 – absorber; 3 –mass-exchanging screen; 4 – bioreactor; 5 – pump; А – absorbent; VA - ventilating air; AA - absorption additives; BA- biogenic additives; CA - compressed air.
Figure 1 – The absorption-biochemicalinstallation arrangement

The ventilation air, exhausted from the process equipment, is driven by the fan 1 in the absorber 2, which includes the mass-exchanging grids with several layers of the spherical packing 3. The spherical packing is continuously fed by the absorbent supplied with the pump 5, and is in the “boiling” state providing intensive mass exchange between gas and liquid phases. The recycled water is applied as an absorber.The absorbent is regenerated in the bioreactor 4, where harmful organic substances are mineralized to natural analogues with specially selected microbial strain. The demanded nitrogen and phosphorous concentration in the solution is supported for the microorganisms active ability by biogenic additives supplement to the bioreactor. The purified absorbent is newly supplied to the absorber.The installation is developed with the closed absorbent circulation cycle and has no sewage flows.The purified ventilation air is removed to the atmosphere after purification and separation.

Technical and economic features of the absorption-biochemical installation

Typical size by purifying ventilation air capacity:

  • 5; 10; 20; 25; 30; 40 thousand m3/h

Trapping efficiency:

  • Depending on the chemical nature, physical properties and substances input concentration ­- 70-99,9%, for dust - 99.9%.

Energy consumption per 1000 m3 of purified air:

  • For various options the power consumption of the fan and water pump -1,2-2,0 kW
  •  Compressed air consumption - 0.5-1.0 nm3/h

Consumable materials:

  • Recycled water for moisture loss compensation 0.1-1.5 m3 per day
  • Biogenic additives (mineral salts) - 20-40 kg per year
  • Consumable materials cost does not exceed 150€ per year.

Capital expenditures:

  • The delivery cost of the installation is below world prices for gas treatment equipment by 1.5-2.0times.

ABCI standard delivery set

1.ABCI delivery:
consisting of:
Scrubber with mass-exchanging screens and spherical packing1 pce.
Bioreactor with aerators and fibered header1 pce.
Thrust activator (fan with E-motor)1 pce.
Pump for absorbent recycling with E-motor1 pce.
Control panel1 pce.
Monitoring and measuring devices1 set.
Service and safety equipment (nippers, pipe-line, stairs, screens)1 set.
Absorption-biochemical installation certificate1 pce.
2.Designer supervision of introduction into service:
- designer supervision of introduction into service;
- staff training on organization of analytical and technical control over the absorption-biochemical installation operation