Cooperation sequence

1. The “Contractor” receives letter by a “Customer” with a source data, where are specified:

  • the capacity and the temperature of ventilation air to be purified;
  • the concentration of harmful organic substances or the specific consumption of basic materials (resin, dyes, etc);
  • the required degree of purification;
  • the presence of suspended substances in ventilation air;
  • the operational condition for processing equipment;
  • the planning of a production sector, where the site (sites) for possible assembling of gas purification equipment is specified;
  • the air temperature of the production sector for the bioreactor arrangement;
  • also you can download and fill in the configuration data sheet.

2. The activities carried out by the “Contractor” before contract drafting include:

  • the information report for experts of a “Customer” on gas purification equipment operation. The term will be specified upon receiving of a fax with an invitation;
  • if there is an interest in the ABCI operation principles – experts of a “Customer” will be acquainted with the ABCI operation principles in the Republic of Belarus or will be supervised for the plant trip to the Russian Federation, where the ABCIs are operated. The term will be specified upon receiving of a fax on arrival;
  • analysis, supplement and specification of source data;
  • development and approval of a process flowsheet for the gas purification equipment according to a “Customer” conditions. The planning describes a placement area of the equipment, its dimensions, a delivery point of ventilation air and industrial water, compressed air, electric energy. The term is 10 days from the date of source data receiving.

3. Draft of a contract execution and its mailing by electronic mail. The term is 3 working days after mutual approval of a planning.

4. The production term of gas purification equipment is 3-4 month from the date of advance payment receipt.