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Purpose and efficiency.

Absorptive-biochemical installations (ABCI) are designed for wet purification of ventilation air from harmful organic substances at foundries, painting sections, woodworking, furniture, chemical and other types of production.

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Efficiency of ventilation air purification from: triethylamine, phenol, formaldehyde, furfuryl alcohol, furfural is 96-99,9%; isocyanates, methanol, cyanide, mineral spirits, xylene, toluene, butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, acrolein, ammonia - 70-96%; resinous inclusions, spray aerosols and suspended solids - 99.9%. More ...


UE “Industrial Ecological Systems” was established at the Academic Department of Ecology of the Belarusian National Technical University in 1994 for the purpose of academic activity improvement and development of scientific research in the area of environmental protection. The enterprise consisted of employees, who had previously worked at the Laboratory of Gas Emissions Purification at the Foundries of the Ministry of Tractor and Agricultural Machinery Industry of USSR.    

The enterprise develops, produces and conducts adjustment work of absorptive-biochemical installations (ABCI) for ventilation air purification from harmful organic substances.


Selection and development process for the technology and the equipment of gas purification was preceded by long-term research scientific work, which is described in reports and guidance documents. The construction of the equipment for gas purification system is being constantly improved. The engineering solutions are protected by the copyright certificates and patents. On aggregate data: efficiency, economy, ecological performance, reliability, in-service simplicity, service life (more than 20 years) without compromising performance, - ABCI have no comparable counterparts inside the territory of CIS.




UE “Industrial Ecological Systems”

23 Dolgobrodskaya st., room 405

Minsk Belarus 220070



   (+375-17) 230-38-94

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