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Dear sirs!

We hope to collaborate with your company and we will be glad to offer our investigations in the fields of gas cleaning. We attach the brief information concerning absorption-biochemical purification of ventilation air.

Purpose and applicability

The absorption-biochemical unit is intended for wet-cleaning ventilating air from harmful organic substances in foundry, painting, carpentry, furniture and chemical production.

The efficiency of the method in cleaning air from:

Thrietylamine, phenol, formaldehyde, furane spirit, furfuryl is 96-99,9 %.

Isocyanic substances, methanol, cyanides, acetone, white spirit, xylene, toluene, butyl-acetate, ethyl-acetate, acrolein is 70-96 %.

Tarry substances and suspended solids is 99,9 %.

Operational principles

1 – Absorber; 2 – Bioreactor; 3 – Fan; 4 – Pump; A – Absorbent; B – Ventilation air.

   The absorption-biochemical unit operates according to the following scheme. Air polluted with the harmful substances is transported for cleaning to the absorber 1 by the fan 4. The absorber includes several mass transfer grates with a layer of the movable spherical packing. The pump 4 continuously feeds the absorbent on the packing. The solution polluted with the harmful substances is carried to the bioreactor 2, where especially cultivated microorganism oxidizes them. The cleaned solution is transported back to the absorber where it is used again for mass transfer.

Control and maintenance

Permanent technical staff is not required to maintain the absorption-biochemical unit. A chemical laboratory according to the tested methods performs the efficiency control of the regeneration of absorbing solution in the bioreactor monthly.


Economical benefits: low operational costs; Technological benefits: simplicity, reliability and stability when operated; The guarantee of environmental benefits due to use of the entrapped harmful organic substances in natural metabolic processes. There are no releases of the harmful substances to the environment. Reliability The absorption-biochemical units at Minsk tractor and Minsk automobile plants have been in operation since 1989. The numbers of putting into practice units in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are 49.