The industrial ozonator PKP_OZON_180 (hereinafter referred to as the ozonator) is designed for the synthesis of ozone from oxygen-air, in order to suppress odors and bacterial flora in rooms with high humidity (up to 95%).

Fig. 1 Ozonator industrial PKP_OZON_180

1. This type of ozonizer can be effectively used for the following purposes:

  • air deodorization;
  • air detoxification;
  • biological cleaning or sanitation of premises;
  • demercurization of premises;
  • changes in the ion-ozone balance in indoor air;
  • increasing the shelf life of vegetables and fruits;
  • treatment of greenhouse soil infected with phytophthora;
  • in the technology of processing and storage of poultry products in order to increase their preservation and nutritional value;
  • in egg incubation technology;
  • feed processing and storage;
  • processing of grain seeds for the purpose of disinfection, etc.

2. Completeness:

                                                                                               Table 2

  n/a no.Name of the company  Quantity  Note
2Control cabinet1 
4Electrical schematic diagram1Appendix 1

3. Technical specifications:

  1. Rated voltage of the power circuit, control circuit, V-380/220;
  2. Frequency, Hz-50;
  3. Rated current of the power circuit, A-20;
  4. Degree of protection according to GOST 14255-69-IP5;
  5. Operating conditions:

     - ambient temperature, °C — +5.... 40;

      - relative humidity at + 20 °C, % - up to 80;

      - altitude above sea level, m-2000.

  • Ozone producer no more than, g / h-200;
  • Air flow through the ozonator, cubic meters./hour — 2700-3700;
  • Overall dimensions:

     - height, mm-1500;

     - width, mm-600;

     - depth, mm-600.

  • Contents of the drag. metals: silver, kg — -;
  • Weight, not more than, kg-80.